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We recently completed our ten day introductory unit of My Father's World K. We colored, cut, and pasted seven creation numbers (pictured above), made a creation book by illustrating each day of creation, and reviewed letters and numbers by playing games and singing songs. I enjoy incorporating a nutrition component into our studies so I created a worksheet about the food that Adam and Eve ate. You may download it here if you would like to use it.

I know that traditionally kindergarten begins in August or September, but I decided to begin now because my kids have mastered much of the content of this curriculum and I wanted to begin before we advance too far ahead of the curriculum. This also gives us an extra half of a year to finish kindergarten "on time." I prefer to learn at a slow and steady pace.

You may wonder why I'm even using a curriculum at all. While I understand that it's very feasible to teach kindergarten without a curriculum (if you can read you can teach someone else to read), schedules help me to stay on task. Using a curriculum also adds diversity to our educational experience because it forces me to teach things that I wouldn't have considered otherwise, and lead the children in activities that I also wouldn't have thought of. This way my children are exposed to the interests and teaching styles of both me and the curriculum developer. 

Next Week: Ss Sun!



04/11/2013 6:23pm

i am curious how you are liking mfw? i am considering it for my daughter and have been reading up on it! came across your blog when i googled, my father's world blog. love to hear your opinion.

Crunchy Christian Mama
04/15/2013 9:56am

Tracy, I am actually getting ready to write a blog post in the next couple of days about how we are liking MFW K. Stay tuned! :)


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